Tim Burmeister

VP GP Strategies GP Strategies

Tim Burmeister has 20 years of experience in the Learning & Performance field and has worked for companies such as Accenture, Apple, Barclays, imc, MediaMarktSaturn and others.

In his current role as Learning Transformation Manager at GP Strategies, he is supporting companies and L&D departments towards next-generation learning transformation and he helps to provide Modern Workplace Learning, starting with the strategy, the restructuring of learning teams, the implementation of Modern Learning Technology and most importantly, anchoring L&D in the business.

Tim also sheds light on the impact of the digital Transformation on the future working environment and what that means to Learning & Development.

His expertise area are:
- Strategy: L&D Organization Strategy and Transformation Consulting
- Technology: Learning Experience Platform selection, configuration, integration, design, moderation and administration and creating cohesive Learning Ecosystems
- Content: Rethinking Learning approach and designing Modern workplace Learning
- Experience: Crafting engaging Learner Journeys
- Culture: Achieving culture of continuous Learning