Business Insider Global Trends Report for 2021‑23


Trends for '21 and beyond

Business Insider is proud to present its first comprehensive report on global business trends that will matter to corporate executives and entrepreneurs over the next 2-3 years.

Insider and its international editions of Business Insider, published across five continents, have identified key global business trends for the mid-term. Lead editors from around the world selected a list that was checked against market data from Insider Intelligence, Insider Inc.'s market research company. Insights from leaders of recognizable brands and disruptors who spoke at the Business Insider Global Trends Festival in October 2020 supplement the trends. We're proud of the global effort that resulted in this report of 17 trends for 2021-23.

The result of this unprecedented global effort is the list of 17 global trends for 2021-23 we present in this report.

What you get

Detailed market data highlighting key drivers and areas of growth for global trends – from senior analysts at Insider Intelligence

Senior executive perspectives on how global trends are applied in the world’s largest companies – from global CEOs who spoke at Business Insider Global Trends Festival 2020

Local market variations of global trends – from editors-in-chief of Business Insider’s 17 country editions

Trends you will read about

The 17 global trends you will read about come from 4 areas

Shifting societies

Finance (New finance consumer on the horizon)
Shopping (Shopping turning digital and mobile)
Media & entertainment (The holy grail of subscription)
Media & entertainment (From social media to social entertainment)
Automotive (Connected vehicles are entering the fast lane)


Food (Losing a taste for meat)
Fashion (The shift to thrift)
Brands (Brandstanding to become the new normal)


Health B2B (AI accelerating drug discovery)
Health B2C (Telemedicine: Virtual mental health is booming)
Cybersecurity (Protecting remote workers: Never trust, always verify)
Consumer data (Direct serving without cookies)


Hybrid style of work
Rethinking the office
Diversity and inclusion in the spotlight
Leading from a distance
Employee wellbeing as a company issue


C-level executives

Editors-in-Chief of Business Insider / Insider

Henry Blodget
Henry Blodget
CEO and cofounder, Insider
Matthew Turner
Matthew Turner
co-Editor-in-Chief for Business, Insider
Helena Wasserman
Helena Wasserman
Former Editor-in-Chief, Business Insider South Africa

Report coordinators and authors

Andrzej Lokaj
Lead Author and Manager of Business Insider Global Trends Report, Programming Manager
Aleksandra Brzozowska
Head of Business Insider Global Trends Report, Head of Knowledge Network
Hayley Hudson
Lead Editor for the report, International Managing Editor, Insider
Roosa Kivistö
Lead Coordinator for the report, International Partner Manager, Insider
Roddy Salazar
Lead Coordinator for the report, International Lead, Insider
Michał Wasowski
Editor, Business Insider Poland
Jennifer Wu
VP, Head of Partnerships and International Growth, Insider Intelligence
Adrian Adamczyk
Technical Crew
Tadeusz Nowakowski
Technical Crew
Paweł Oświęcimski
Graphic design
Marzena Oświęcimska
Graphic design
Kasper Kowalski
VP at Quantoo sp. z o.o., Technical Crew