Laura A. Hambley

President Work Evohlution

o Registered Psychologist with a solid basis of expertise in Industrial/Organizational and Career Psychology, with over 17 years of related experience.
o Enthusiastic entrepreneur who is a founding partner of Work EvOHlution (, Leadership Success Group (, and founder of Calgary and Canada Career Counselling (, and Synthesis Psychology (
o Experienced Organizational Psychology Consultant with strong business background.


President/Co-Founder, Work EvOHlution February, 2014 – Present
• Build high performing leaders and teams in distributed, flexible, and mobile workplaces through a range of assessment products and consulting services.
• Develop cutting edge assessments that address the human challenges and opportunities facing distributed employees, leaders and teams.
• Assist organizations in transitioning into mobile/flexible work or telework, as well as organizations looking to improve existing programs.
• Deliver evidence-based presentations/webinars, training, and coaching.

President/Founder, Hambley Organizational Consulting, Inc. August, 2009 - Present
• Operates in the market as the following brands/practices: Leadership Success Group, Calgary Career Counselling, and Synthesis Psychology.
• Provide leadership development services to organizations, including assessments, consulting, coaching, team development, speaking and training.
• Conduct 360-degree feedback for management teams.
• Develop the business and lead a team, including an office manager and Organizational and Counselling Psychologists across Canada.
• Oversee team providing career psychology services to students and adults ages 16-60+.

Instructor/Adjunct Professor, University of Calgary Jan, 2009 – Present
• Taught Current Issues in Organizational Psychology (Psychology 481) to senior undergraduate students in psychology (Fall, 2014).
• Taught Organizational Psychology (Psychology 423) to senior undergraduate students majoring in psychology, business, and other areas (Winter, 2009).
• Taught Human Behaviour in Organizations in Continuing Education (2009).
• Supervise Honour’s students and contribute to research projects.
• Deliver guest lectures, and provide 2nd readership for Honour’s theses.

Co-Founder, Canada Career Counselling July, 2016 - Present
• Co-founded an Ontario based corporation in 2016, and advise on strategy and
shared national career psychology brand/practice.
• Co-authored books on maternity leave career transitions

Senior Consultant/Manager, SPB Organizational Psychology January, 2007 – June, 2009
• Opened the Western Canadian branch office of SPB in Calgary, developing a
profitable business and growing from 1 to 4 psychologists.
• Conducted comprehensive assessments for selection and developmental
purposes, using a variety of psychometric tools, in-baskets, and simulations.
• Provided leadership coaching services, conflict resolution, and other services.
Consultant Kaprowy Kropf, Inc. July, 2004 – June, 2006
• Consulted to various organizations on teamwork, leadership, selection,
performance appraisal, virtual teamwork, and telework.
• Conducted interviews and wrote psychological reports based on numerous
assessment tools (e.g., WPI, MBTI, Watson-Glasser, FIRO, LIFO, & CPT).
• Counselled/coached clients around career, work, and leadership issues.
• Created and delivered team building seminars and training sessions.

Provisional Psychologist, Paradigm Solutions October, 2002 – Sept, 2004
• Consulted to various organizations on issues such as teamwork, leadership,
stress, selection, and performance appraisal.
• Conducted clinical interviews and wrote psychological reports based on
assessments including the WAIS/WIAT, MMPI, CPI, CAARS, CPT, SISI.

Competency Consultant, SmartForce (Skillscape Solutions) April, 2001 – April, 2002
• Consulted to organizations in the U.S. and Europe, including Cisco Systems,
Gateway Computers, Rockwell Collins, and Getronics.
• Contributed to the creation of competency models through conducting
Subject Matter Expert (SME) Interviews and Focus Groups.
• Coordinated the creation of SkillScape’s Competency Modeling
Methodology Training manual and 2-day course; facilitated many sessions.
• Responsible for managing several projects.


Board Member, Youth Singers of Calgary May 2019 – Present
• Board member for music education program that incorporates singing,
dancing, and theatre arts for children, teens, and adults.
• Attends meetings and assists with fundraising events.
• Consult around human resources needs and strategies.

Chair, Canadian Energy Executive Association August 2017 – August, 2019
• Contribute to the leadership of this 69-year-old association, which focuses on advocacy for Canada’s Energy industry, business networking, and raising significant funds for children’s charities.
• Speak at events and co-lead a committee of volunteers who are executives across Energy producers and services companies.
• Liaise with government officials and key stakeholders.
• Assisted with raising over $300,000 for local children’s charities.

Committee Volunteer, Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre January 2016 – June 2016
• Served on Ann McCaig’s committee, and personally raised over $22,000 in sponsorship.
• Helped organize the premiere of Swift Current.

Committee Volunteer, Psychologically Healthy Workplace May 2011 – May 2014
• Promoted psychological health in the workplace with Calgary organizations
through this committee of the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta.
School Council Royal Oak School Oct 2010 – May 2014
• Helped advocate and implement improvements to benefit school (ongoing)
• Coordinated volunteers for the school community (2010-2012)
• Co-chaired the Fundraising Committee (2012-2013)

Co-Chair Events, Strategic Capability Network (SCN) June, 2006 – June, 2009
• Organized speakers on strategic HR topics for monthly meetings.
• Worked with executive committee to plan annual presentation program.
• Introduced speakers, and coordinated the smooth execution of events.

• College of Alberta Psychologists’ (October, 2002 – present)
• Psychologists’ Association of Alberta (2005 – present)
• Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (August, 2003 – present)


Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (November, 2005) The University of Calgary
GPA: 4.0/4.0
Awards: Best Dissertation of the Year (Experimental Psychology, CPA award June, 2006)
Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council Doctoral Fellowship (2004-
2005), Dean’s Research Excellence Award (2004), Province of Alberta Graduate
Scholarship (2004), Graduate Research Scholarships (2003, 2004)
Research: Virtual leadership/teamwork, telework Supervisor: Dr. Theresa Kline

Master of Science in Counselling Psychology (June, 1999) The University of Calgary
GPA: 4.0/4.0
Awards: Graduate Research Scholarships – Fall 1998, Winter 1999
University Travel Grant – April, 1999
Thesis: The Receptivity of Career Counsellors Toward Career Development
Services on the Internet Supervisors: Dr. K. Magnusson & Dr. L. Sandals


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• Enjoy family time with husband and three children
• Participate in competitive squash leagues
• Skiing, running, golf, biking, hiking, yoga
• Enjoy creative writing (launched psychological thriller Losing Cadence in April 2016 and Finding Sophie in November 2017, both being considered for a movie deal)
• Public speaking (Completed Competent Toastmaster Certificate, 2nd place winner at city level, 2001)