Inga Michler

Journalist, Writer

Dr. Inga Michler has been an economics correspondent with the WELT group since 1998. She studied economics in Fribourg (Switzerland) and Granada (Spain), and received her doctorate in economics from the University of Wuppertal after completing her thesis on the global competition between locations for high-tech startups. She further studied journalism at the School of Journalism in Cologne and continued to refine her skills while working at the economics desk at the news agency REUTERS. Inga Michler moderates events like the summits of the WELT group on Corporate Governance, Female Leaders and Currency-Matters. In addition to reporting on trends in the economy, Inga Michler also writes about SME, philanthropy and management topics. Her book “Economic Miracle 2010 – how German family businesses succeed on the world markets” appeared in 2009, followed by “Changemakers” with portraits of philanthropists in 2012 and “The Reality of Impact Investing” in 2014. Since March 2020 Inga Michler is host of WELT´s career podcast Die Macher.