Global Stage

Welcome to the Future

Rise of economic nationalism

Should we rely exclusively on the domestic markets? Lessons learned from tariff wars and recent lockdowns.

U.S.-China duel in a knock-out phase?

Has a rapid shift in the global economic order begun? Deep look into trade tariffs and evolving standards on cutting-edge technologies.

Digital transformation offensive

The dramatic rise of cloud-based business processes, remote working opportunities, and omnichannel communication.

Global supply chain disruption

Will over-dependence on the lowest-cost suppliers and minimal inventory last? Or is it time for more resilient and flexible supply networks?

Shifting Societies

Time for essentials only

Trading down to buy less and cheaper. How should brands reprice for in-home consumption and smaller wallets?

Netflix way of life

Compensating for the lack of out-of-home socialising options. From 'what' to 'how' in home-entertainment consumption trend.

No more top content for free

Rise of paid, on-demand content and on-line subscription models. How should media outlets turn mainstream users into paying customers?

Shopping turning digital

E-commerce is winning at the time of the pandemic. How to upgrade user searches to match global products with strong local preferences? Will lifting restrictions revive the old-fashioned offline?

New finance consumer on the horizon

Impatient, no-hassle, price-sensitive, contactless and mobile. And in rising numbers. What's the road for the traditional banks to benefit from the new consumer base?

Individual and sustainable mobility

Bikes, e-scooters, micro-mobility, micro-transit are becoming more popular than ever. How should the automotive industry and mobility providers act to meet the new trend's requirements?


Pandemic vs. sustainability

Consumer safety concerns put ecology in the second row. How can businesses address these concerns without discouraging environment-conscious customers?

Sustainable fashion is now a thing

As wallets shrink, sustainable fashion trends bloom. Can fashion brands audit themselves, increase transparency and genuinely adjust their business?

Vegan meat going mainstream

Plant-based and protein-based burgers expand beyond a few significant disruptors to include large pork producers and fast-food chains. How should the traditional meat industry adapt to the new trend?

Renewables on the lonely rise

PV and wind turbines are sharply gaining ground in the energy mix as governments put in massive stimulus packages. Will coal and gas become obsolete, and when?


AI boost for e-commerce

How digital technologies (e.g. artificial intelligence or machine learning) will detect new purchasing patterns and provide a more personalised experience to online customers in the post-COVID reality?

Working from clouds

Forced to work remotely – no matter whether its businesses, governments or academics – will increasingly make cloud solutions more desirable and popular. To what extent we can safely outsource data from our hard-drives?

5G is on its way

As people stay at home, the use of mobile devices reaches the limits of traditional network capacity. Broader digitalisation of industry is likely to kick-off soon. It seems that 2020 has finally opened the door to 5G.

Time for serious cybersecurity

As the world is digitalising, the importance of cybersecurity rises significantly. Discover the common threats in cyberspace and learn how to become immune to them.


Wearables track vital signs. Chatbots make initial diagnoses. Remote diagnostics and physician’s consultation are becoming common practice. Welcome to the future of healthcare.

New ways of drug discovery

COVID-19 accelerated vaccine and drug discovery. Machine learning has come to the rescue with speeding up research from years to months. New disruptive approaches promise a real breakthrough in pharmaceutics.


Hybrid style of work

Convinced by technological capabilities, operational savings, and surprising productivity gains, companies are embracing new work patterns. Our work is gradually becoming not only remote but also flexible. We’ll take a look into that trend.

Office redefined

As the office is no longer the epicentre of the organisation, its role will soon be redefined. Say hello to collaboration rooms and fit-for-purpose office designs.

Employees secured by technology

Executives are scratching their heads over when should their employees go back to work, are the offices prepared, is the airflow sufficient. How can technology support the new hybrid organisation?

Diversity entering the big time

As flexible work styles are already the new norm on the market, companies will find their staff more diverse than ever. Are organisations prepared to manage such a diverse workforce?

Leading from a distance

Today’s boss’ presence is reduced to a frame on a video meeting computer screen. Are there any new tricks allowing leaders to maintain or raise the performance of their teams in times of remote work?

Employee wellbeing as a company issue

How should organisations keep their workforce at peak performance while ensuring their employees can retain their mental health and wellbeing in today’s unfavourable circumstances?

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